Asset Forfeiture


New York Asset Forfeiture Case Involvement

I have successfully reclaimed for my clients well over one million dollars in cash, jewelry, automobiles and weapons which had been seized by the United States.

New York Civil Asset Forfeiture Lawyers Are Difficult To Locate

New York Asset forfeiture attorneys are difficult to locate because the practice is highly specialized and requires knowledge of civil law and criminal law.

Navigating civil forfeiture claims in New York can be difficult for attorneys lacking specific experience. There are approximately 140 discreet laws, codes and regulations governing forfeiture cases.

What To Do Next

If your property was seized by the United States, call me to schedule a free consultation.

In New York forfeiture proceedings, time is of the essence.  It is crucial to respond immediately to the government’s notice.  Moreover, it is very important that the response is timely, thorough and precise because the law is designed that if any requirement is missing the government wins.

Having practiced forfeiture defense in New York for several years, I cannot stress enough that early involvement by your civil asset forfeiture lawyer is crucial.

Whether you are facing civil or criminal asset forfeiture proceedings, retaining an asset forfeiture lawyer soon after receiving notice is crucial for several reasons.  First and foremost, failing to respond to the notice in a timely matter may result in a default, meaning that the seized property is lost forever to the government. Second, a timely response must be completed properly, or again, the seized property may be forfeited by default.  Third, in addition to the time constraints, many crucial decisions must be made within 30 days of your receipt of the government’s notice of forfeiture.

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